2D and 3D Character Animation

Everyone knows that video marketing is the most effective way to attract potential clients in today’s world of short attention spans. The best part about it is the different options and ways to create them. Making use of animation when traditional video techniques fail can be a fun and creative way to keep your audience intrigued.

3D character animation focuses on creating a 3D animated character and integrating it into a ‘real’ filmed area. This character plays the same role an actor would and speaks directly to the viewer.

A 2D character animation differs significantly from a 3D character animation. The focus here is on a creating a new background or environment along with the 2D character. Anything can be created in a fun and engaging way with character animation. The easiest way to choose which animation style will suit your business needs is to know what you would like to tell your audience.

Using 2D and 3D character animation in your eLearning will keep learners engaged and help them retain information. Additionally it is very easy to create a training mascot (remember the microsoft paperclip?), which serves to facilitate interaction and porgress through your eLearning.

2D character animation in an office setting
3D Character animation by Sound Idea Digital


Health and safety and induction

3D Character Animation is a great way to add a fun, quirky element to a building or site induction video. Instead of just a voice over, the 3D Character Animation, can talk viewers through the different scenes. This is a great way to keep them engaged and interesting in the topic discussed.


3D and 2D Character Animation are suitable for conveying edgy or sensitive topics. They can, for example, be used to make an induction video about sexual harassment in the workplace or a health and safety video that demonstrates the possibility of a building burning down.


For eLearning these can be used to explain concepts and illustrate scenarios that may not be easy to do in video. They are a great asset to use to help Visual and Auditory learners. 

Health and safety 2D character animation
3D character animation
2D Character animation by Sound Idea Digital
3D character animation explaining in corridor


For 3D character animation, the main contributing factors to the cost are the 3D character animation itself and the filming. Using a 3D character that is readily available rather than having to create one from scratch reduces costs. A custom 3D animation will cost more as more time is required to design and render the character.

2D Character Animation is not what it used to be in the past where a few seconds of footage would necessitate drawing each movement frame by frame. Now everything is automated and requires less time to create, thus reducing production costs. You can even have a 2D character animation created to look like the CEO of a company.



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