360° and 180° Video

The fourth industrial revolution is bringing with it exciting new ways of doing things, even gradually changing video as we know it. 360°and VR180° Video creates a unique experience that immerses the viewer into a new world. To add to the immersion, other features can be added such as audio and stereoscopic imagery.


What is it?

The unique characteristic of 360° Video is its ability to offer a 360 degree view of a video in panoramic style. The viewer can see every part of the video around them, making them feel part it. The creative possibilities are endless. 180° Video, or VR180, offers 180 degrees, limiting the viewer to everything in front of and at the sides of them – like standing with their back against a wall. It may feel like sacrificing some of the experience, but a lot of viewers are mainly focussing on what is in front of them. VR180 also offers the opportunity to craft high quality VR experiences, offering greater pixel density.

Another option is Stereoscopic 360°. One of the most important parts of immersive 360° and VR180 Video is audio. The choice of headset will affect the quality of the experience (for more on Headsets see Page X). Because 360° and VR180 Video’s audio can be spacious, constantly changing as the viewer moves and turns around. It can also be ambient, allowing for consistent background noise based on the video’s environment; this is one of the most useful ways to truly feel immersed in the experience.



Using 360° video in property listings gives potential buyers the opportunity to view a house without having to be physically present. The viewer can see the property from all angles and is in control of what they want to see. This is a great advantage for estate agents who won’t need to host open house shows. Hotels and Guesthouses, for example, can use them to showcase their facilities before they can be booked. Clients from all over the world will be able view the spaces they intend to rent, affording them the opportunity to experience the room as they would when they check-in.


The induction of new employees is an important albeit time-consuming task. With the help of 360° video, new employees are able to see the business premises from the comfort of their home. It can be a great aid in the training of new recruits, especially in fields where operations occur in a vast amount of space and advanced machinery is used. 360° Video’s strongpoint is that it is an immersive platform, which, when combined with ambient and spacious sound, allows for a truly unique experience, increasing feelings of empathy, understanding and sense of direction in a new enviroment.

fabric store virtual tour

The Production process

The production process of 360° and VR180° Video is similar to Video Production. The equipment used films the entire scene, therefore, the production team must be completely out of sight. Once the equipment is set up, the director and crew must be away from the scene to avoid appearing in the shot.

VR180 Video, which adds depth information to the video. Using two lenses side by side, Stereoscopic 360° Video provides a different vantage point for each eye, allowing the viewer to experience depth (like a 3D movie). This platform works especially well with VR180, placing emphasis on the difference between foreground, middle ground and background aspects. 360° Video films everything so always make sure the entire scene is how you want it to be.

Virtual tour panoramic photo


When considering cost there are two factors that apply, namely the production of the video itself and how it will be viewed. 360° video costs roughly the same as regular video since the same factors, in terms of production, apply. When more time and resources are spent during the production process, the cost will in turn increase. The second determining factor for what the cost is includes the type of headsets that are used. 


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