Training and Learning Management System Support

Consultations on Learning Management Systems

Do you want to take your company’s training online but don’t know where to start?  Sound Idea will gladly meet with your company to discuss the best way forward. We will talk you through the process of moving your training online and advice on digitising your training material.  

Online Learning Strategy

We know best when it comes to online learning, and we know that every company has a different learning strategy and goals. We take great care in choosing lesson plans that get the most information to students within the shortest amount time. By getting online results, we can easily find the developmental areas and focus more or less on the competency level of certain individuals.

Custom Development

When implementing an online learning program, make sure that you choose a customisable and flexible LMS, as this can mean the difference between a successful or a failed roll-out process. Our LMS system is fully customisable, allowing us to change the look and feel to suit your brand. The system is also flexible enough to develop extra features on request, or to be integrated with other systems.

Technical Support

Our team is available for assistance should your company encounter technical difficulties with the LMS system. Our LMS system is available to rent, and is hosted on our server.  The LMS can also be bought and hosted on your own server.


Once the LMS system has been successfully implemented, we offer a 2 hour comprehensive training to your administrative staff on how to operate the system. We can also make online training videos or courses for your company should you choose to complete the training online.

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